Recent Before & After Photos

Fire Damage in Pittsford, NY

This smoke damaged house in Pittsford, NY was the result of a garage fire. Even though the fire was contained to the garage and did not spread to the other part... READ MORE

Roof Leak in Rochester, NY

This house in Rochester, NY experienced a water damage inside their house due to a leak in the roof. A storm came through and debris from nearby trees punctured... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Webster, NY

This kitchen was affected by a house fire that started from a lawn mower malfunction in the garage unit attached to the house. Even though the kitchen wasn't di... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Rochester, NY

This flooded basement bathroom was the result of heavy rains that cause the sump pump to back up and malfunction. Sump pumps are used where basement floodi... READ MORE

Sump Pump Malfunction in Rochester, NY

This flooded basement was the result of a sump pump malfunction in Rochester, NY.  Sump pumps are used where basement flooding happens regularly and to sol... READ MORE

Sump Pump Overflow in Rochester, NY

This muddy basement in Rochester, NY was the cause of a sump pump overflow.  Since your basement is underground, you need the sump pump to collect the wate... READ MORE

Black Mold in Basement of Pittsford Home

This moldy basement in Pittsford, NY was the result of low ventilation and high humidity.  Most basements are very damp and need a dehumidifier to filter t... READ MORE

Mud Slide in Rochester, NY

The picture on the left hand side depicts mud and water that came in through the basement door of a residential home in Rochester. Mudslides develop when water ... READ MORE

Dirty Apartment Clean-Up Rochester, NY

In some cases, we are called upon to clean up an apartment that had tenants that were not the cleanest people. In this case, we arrived and found animal droppin... READ MORE

Water Damage in Webster, NY

This flooded house in Webster, NY was the result of the second floor bathroom overflowing while the owners were on vacation. Since nobody was home to immediatel... READ MORE